From Bitphone to Bots

Bitphone — The Global Internet Payphone

Bitphone almost lasted 2 years!

Quietly, was born

An old “logo image” for the CryptoAIBot.. takes over.

Definitely a better name, but BITS didnt make it either.
in 2021, BITS became DEX… — My bots are keeping up with the times. logo from last year & — NFTs were becoming “a thing” can tell you about NFTs or be the NFT.
My Gen0 Crypto Kitties are only $1000 each??? Come on!

Pitch IT —!

Bringing the boys back together — The CryptoBots

Is it a BOT in your NFT? or you just happy to see me?



I don’t know if it’s enforceable or not yet, and I’m NOT trying to stifle innovation! but I’d love a government sponsored monopoly on NFT Conversational AI for while!

Drawing from NFT.BOT Patent


Powered By




EndiVerse — An Endless Universe of Meta-Spaces #MetaVerse #Web3 #Crypto #Endiverse #DAO

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EndiVerse Platform

EndiVerse Platform

EndiVerse — An Endless Universe of Meta-Spaces #MetaVerse #Web3 #Crypto #Endiverse #DAO

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